The Lagos Miami Chamber of Commerce is a leading business organisation serving businesses and its members by providing programs and services that improve economic prosperity and sustainability of businesses. We are committed to constantly creating value for our members to ensure return on their investment.

(1) You will have access to a local and international network of business leaders, investors and partners.
(2) You will be able to secure credible business cooperation/partnership with American companies desiring to do business in Nigeria and with Nigerians.
(3) You will have access to inward American trade mission delegates into Nigeria.
(4) You will benefit from remarkably subsidized rates for events both locally and international.
(5) You will have your business interests represented through advocacy by representing members’ interests to all relevant government authorities both in Nigeria and the United States of America.
(6) You will benefit from shared knowledge and practical experience through local and international meetings and exhibitions.
(7) You will benefit from leveraging the Chamber’s publicity tools for brand visibility and growth.
(8) Your credibility is greatly increased through your membership with us.
(9) You will enjoy exclusive discounts from business services and products that you need to grow your business faster.